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Bellamy’s Organic officially present at TH true mart

November 4th, 2019

The Bellamy’s Organic organic weaning range for children is officially on sale at TH true mart stores nationwide. All Bellamy’s Organic products are certified double organic by the Australian Sustainable Agriculture Association (NASAA) and Australian Organic Certification (ACO). From the launch of this product line, TH true mart will continue to bring more high quality products, aiming to become the leading retail chain.

TH true mart is well-known as TH brand’s store chain, specializing in providing the cleanest, safest, freshest and most nutritious products, manufactured from TH Farm, with top quality service satisfaction to every customer. Not only that, TH true mart aims to become a retail chain specializing in distributing all-natural food products, good for health not only for TH Group but also for big and reputable brands. world.

In the coming time, TH true mart will continue to expand its products, focusing on products that are truly natural, organic and environmentally friendly. TH true mart ensures the origin and natural value of the product. This guarantee is based on the quality of products, from the selection of origins, ingredients, product brands to the quality of products sold.

To realize this goal, TH true mart proudly presents the Bellamy’s Organic product line, a world famous baby food brand from Australia, officially on sale at stores across the country.

Bellamy’s Organic was founded in Tasmania, Australia in 2004 to produce organic products for children. Bellamy’s Organic ingredients always meet the highest quality standards because all are carefully selected from gardens and farms that adhere to strict organic certification principles. All Bellamy’s Organic products achieve double organic certification by the Australian Sustainable Agriculture Association (NASAA) and Australian Organic Certification (ACO), ensuring the entire supply chain maintains the integrity of the product. from the grass to his hand

Bellamy’s Organic produces only organic, nutritious certified food. Choosing Bellamy’s Organic products, customers will be assured of a pure start for life. Bellamy’s Organic is committed to using the freshest ingredients, meeting high quality standards and being certified organic. Integrity, Quality and Safety of Food are focused on nurturing by the very wishes of Bellamy’s Organic for your children and loved ones.

The Bellamy’s Organic range for weaning babies sold at TH true mart includes: Nui wean, Mixed fruit puree, Fruit Snacks … with each single product calculated with separate formula, suitable for each age group of children. The product is beautifully designed, convenient, easy to use and store, is the best choice of every family for the weaning process of children.

See Bellamy’s Organic product information being sold at TH true mart: