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TH Group pioneered the application of environmentally friendly consumer materials solutions

October 4th, 2019

Hanoi – On October 4, 2019, TH Group announced that it has implemented the application of IngeoTM PLA and BioPBSTM straws made from advanced bioplastics. This environmentally friendly material is produced from plant materials such as maize, cassava and sugarcane. Along with that, TH continues researching and applying paper straws and will develop this solution widely in the future.

With the motto of “Please cherish Mother Nature, He will give you everything” with the vision of becoming an “environmentally friendly” and sustainable enterprise, TH Group (owning TH brand true MILK) has not only pioneered fresh milk production and organic agriculture, high-tech agriculture, but has now become a leader in finding and applying solutions for personal devices. Environmentally friendly, using renewable biomass.

Before implementing this solution, TH Group has made a mark in the fast-moving consumer goods industry with a series of initiatives / solutions using environmentally friendly consumer materials. Among them is the operation to stop using plastic bags at TH true mart stores, replacing with bio-plastic bags from May 2018; cease using plastic yogurt spoon, replace with bio yogurt spoon from October 2018. In particular, in June 2019, TH joined with 8 leading multinational companies and leading businesses in Vietnam to set up Packaging Recovery Organization (PRO Vietnam) with the goal of contributing. for a green, clean and beautiful Vietnam through the creation of a recirculating economy, collecting to recycle 100% of the packaging of products that have been marketed.

The replacement of plastic straws with biological straws is one of the solutions that TH Group follows the roadmap of minimizing disposable plastic products. This solution has been successfully implemented since June 24, 2019, the first application for TH true MILK UHT Fresh Milk line. TOPKID formula is made entirely from Organic fresh milk.

Therefore, TH has become a pioneer dairy enterprise in Vietnam market using environmentally friendly straws instead of conventional plastic straws, contributing to alleviating the burden of disposable plastic waste in Vietnam. South and the world.

With the fact that 8.3 billion disposable plastic straws pollute the environment worldwide (2018 data of the US Marine Research Association), TH Group’s solution uses straws as From bioplastics is considered a solution with many benefits.

Materials that TH Group uses to produce straws are IngeoTM PLA (Polylactic Acid IngeoTM 2003D) and BioPBSTM (Polybutylene succinate BioPBSTM FZ91) with plant origin such as corn, cassava, sugarcane … – belonging to renewable resources. .

This is the big advantage of these straws compared to straws made from traditional plastic from fossil fuels like petroleum – a finite, non-renewable resource.

The production of PLA bioplastics and the straws from this material also impact less on the environment by consuming less energy from non-renewable resources (such as oil, coal, …), and lower greenhouse gas emissions than conventional plastic production.

While conventional plastic straws take hundreds of years to decompose, TH’s eco-friendly straws, whose main component is bioplastics made from plants, will only take about 6 months under conditions. Industrial composting to decompose into water, CO2 and humus nutrients for soil, not harmful to crops.

All of the environmentally friendly milk straws imported by TH Group from Bio-Eco – one of Asia’s leading manufacturers of eco-friendly products, based in Thailand, are manufactured. Export by advanced technology, in which the IngeoTM PLA component is certified to biodegrade under conditions of industrial treatment under the strict European standard EN 13432 granted by DIN CERTCO and the BioPBSTM component is certified to biodegradation under industrial processing conditions according to European EN 13432 standard granted by Vincotte

Not only that, IngeoTM PLA component is also certified according to two other US standards: Biodegradation certification in industrial treatment conditions issued by BPI based on ASTM D6400-12 and “OK” Biobased ”4 stars issued by TÜV Austria according to ASTM D6866 – the highest star level of this certificate – for articles with a content of renewable resources of 80% or higher. DIN CERTCO, Vincotte, TÜV Austria and BPI are the world’s leading prestigious certification organizations in this field.

Bio-Eco’s straws fully meet the safety standards for materials in contact with food of Vietnam issued by the Ministry of Health (QCVN 12-1: 2011 / BYT), so Completely safe for users

Putting into use straws made from bioplastics is the next step in the journey of “Cherish Mother Nature” and the sustainable development of TH Group. The pioneering TH Group’s approach to using environmentally friendly straws will have a positive impact on the awareness and actions of the business community as well as the public, encouraging customers to change behaviors. consumption, contributing to environmental protection.

Understanding the good value that nature brings, the desire to bring good things and “True happiness” to human beings, to take away the least of nature and return nature to the best, using eco-friendly plastic straws is TH’s next step, affirming the Group’s pioneering position in applying product solutions associated with consumption that is beneficial to nature and the environment. school, for the sustainable development of people and ecosystems.


TH Group is operating a number of food projects, including production and processing of fresh milk, nut milk, vegetable and fruit cultivation and medicinal materials. TH criteria put on top is fresh, clean, environmentally friendly, for public health.

The project “Centralized dairy farming and dairy processing with a high-tech industrial scale”, producing clean milk lines under the TH True Milk brand, launched in October 2009 with a total investment of 1.2 billion US dollars. Currently the cow herd has reached 45,000 in Nghe An. In the development roadmap, TH Group has expanded the project to many other provinces and cities nationwide. TH True Milk’s market share in the fresh milk segment in urban retail channels now reaches 40%.

Since 2015, TH Group has implemented an organic farming farm, raising dairy cows according to organic standards of Europe and America. Up to now, the Group has owned large-scale organic dairy herds in Vietnam.

TH Group is also an enterprise that performs the Sustainable Development Report according to international standards, evaluated on 6 pillars: Nutrition and health; Environment; Education; Human; Community; Animal welfare. Through sustainable development activities, the Group can effectively allocate and use resources, help protect the environment, conserve natural resources, and contribute back to society in many ways.


Terminate the use of plastic bags at TH true mart stores Since May 2018, the network of more than 200 TH true mart stores across the country – where TH sells and introduces TH’s products – has stopped using plastic bags. Instead, TH true mart uses a product bag with an eco-friendly plastic material. With this change, TH has encouraged and accompanied customers in the wise consumption, green living, environmental protection and implementation of sustainable development from the smallest meticulous details. Along with that, TH has implemented a milk box collection program for recycling, by giving canvas canvas bags to customers when they bring TH true MILK Organic fresh milk carton box or TH true MILK TOPKID formula to stores. With the gift of canvas bags, TH’s customers can use it many times, reducing the use of plastic bags, contributing to reducing waste from disposable plastic items – which is a problem in Vietnam and the world.

Discontinue using a plastic yogurt spoon

In October 2018, TH Group continued to implement an environmental solution, becoming the first and only enterprise in the dairy industry to use yogurt spoon made from bioplastic.

The market saw TH true YOGURT yogurt spoon being changed from material, from ordinary plastic to environmentally friendly material, with a biological ingredient from starch, absolutely safe for users and contributing to environmental Protection.

Vinacontrol – the leading unit of inspection, testing, certification and quality assessment in Vietnam – has confirmed the safety of human health and the environment of TH true YOGURT yogurt spoon. Many consumers have assessed that, with the new kind of yogurt spoon, TH’s high-quality fresh milk products have tasted “truly natural” taste completely, implementing the core value of “Absolutely.” from nature ”that TH Group’s products always aim to.

Founding of Vietnam Packaging Recycling Alliance

In June 2019, TH joined with 8 leading multinational companies and businesses in Vietnam to establish Packaging Recovery Organization (PRO Vietnam) with the goal of contributing to a Vietnamese Green, clean and beautiful male through the creation of a recirculating economy, collecting to recycle 100% of the packaging of the products that have been marketed, aiming to no longer any packaging of PRO members become rubbish waste, by 2030. TH Group – the co-founder of PRO Vietnam also set a target that by 2030 there will be no more TH true MILK milk cartons becoming waste.

In the context that Vietnam produces 10 billion to 15 billion milk cans every year, the action of TH Group and other companies in the Vietnam Packaging Recycling Alliance will reduce the large number of waste milk cans. to the environment. The boxes are completely collected and recycled into other useful materials and products. A “circulating economy” will be built to reduce plastic waste, packaging waste, solid waste in general, to protect the environment and towards a green Vietnam.

By becoming one of the 9 pioneering founders of PRO Vietnam, TH Group once again expressed its desire to build a green – clean ecosystem from product quality to living environment.

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